3.1 | Meet the team

Doxxing | Team Members
Doxxed: The team has already doxxed privately with Alder Mages in order to reassure holders of the legitimacy of the main project members and the team's intentions with the project.
Master T: Founder and Lead developer.
Inspired by the NFT space, was self-taught in-depth about smart contracts, solidity, and web3. Expertise in social media advertising, creating digital content, branding, and website development.
Bachelors degree in healthcare and served as a team manager in that space for 4 years. Phenomenal recruiter with team-building skills.
Big-time Crypto and NFT enthusiast who has been pushing and advocating for decentralization.
Originally a healthcare worker, Master T always knew that he has much more to that in him. Started self-learning how to code in high school and has sharpened his skills to enable a career shift. Being very successful in managing multiple branches of a worldwide chain, he developed all the skills needed to manage and bring together a highly efficient team, like the one in this project!
Investing in the stock market, building brands and being an active e-commerce investor for years to allow himself to feel the liberation of being his own boss away from the corporate world! His Crypto experience first started back in 2017, allowing him to gain knowledge and experience slowly with time and now after honing these skills, he wants to bring forward the Xronins project to the community.

XRonin_Sensei: Co-founder/Lead Artist/Concept Design & Writer
Digital artist with 7 years of experience. Worked as a freelance artist for 3 years.
Masters' degree in Medical labs, full-time weeb, anime junkie and a self-taught Japanese speaker. Always had the vision of creating an Anime/Manga on a large scale which is where the passion and drive to work on Xronins comes from.
Has been hand drawing exquisite art since childhood and has been writing manga since his early teens and had later become interested in anime which is when he began his sketching and illustrations. With time he perfected this into high-quality art and his passion for his art comes from his high attention to detail hence making his art very unique in every aspect.
Holding a Master's in Medical labs he is currently regarded as a highly disciplined professional that engages well in group work and has high regard for ethics given his background as well as having a keen eye for details! One of his best talents is that he can draw various types of art from Manga, Comics and original character designs to portraits and landscapes.
He was specifically recruited for this project for both his extensive knowledge of anime/manga and Japanese culture, as well as his artistic skills which is one of the cornerstones of the project.

ELSamiz: Co-founder/Lead Community & Marketing Manager
A talented creative mind who goes above and beyond in anything he gets his hands on.
EL-Samiz acquired his bachelor’s in dentistry. While working in sales and marketing throughout his university years he had a feeling that the medical field is not the place for him, shifting his career and self-learned about the business world.
He now has experience in digital & social media marketing and operating and managing a business. He truly has a broad range of creative skills and more importantly has led creative teams to deliver large-scale creative projects. After living and working in Canada, he decided to come back home and seek projects he thought would benefit the local community there and help out others.
EL-Samiz opened up a local business and within a year turned it into a well and reputable brand. In around 2020 when the whole world was shut down, he started looking for alternative ways to generate income. That is when he stumbled into the crypto world and has been heavily addicted to the space ever since. With the business mind he has, he didn’t just want to buy and sell NFTs but wanted to create something of his own to be able to dictate the scalability of the project with his own hands. He was then recruited to the Xronins team because of his huge passion for anime first and the belief that we can build something for the world to remember and enjoy.