2.6 | Stage 5 -Financials/Staking



Staking will be our initial utility. This will consist of your Xronins NFT being deposited in a wallet while being staked, this approach is taken to ensure the most secure and best outcomes for the holders in multiple ways. Benefits will include raising the floor price and reducing the supply available on the secondary markets. As long as your NFT is staked and escrowed into the staking wallet you will be yielding $XMON on a daily basis which can be withdrawn by the holder at any point.
$XMON will be our major utility token in our ecosystem which can be used to purchase future generations to sprout from the project, eventually be used to gain access to the manga, used in future auctions, breeding, gain access to the anime and be used as a form of cryptocurrency to purchase our merchandise further adding value and utility to the coin. Token Address: [14UMe2amWfXj1CrM7C9kFkTQ6PtX5aT1fdsVGqBZaXCT] SolScan Link: [https://solscan.io/token/14UMe2amWfXj1CrM7C9kFkTQ6PtX5aT1fdsVGqBZaXCT] Max Supply: There will be a fixed supply of $XMON [55,550,000] Tokenomics: To be announced once a sustainable tokenomics model has been established.
Distribution of $XMON will be mainly through staking, airdrops, and participating in community-held events that will allow you to further earn more. Staking platform Development of the staking platform that will describe in detail how the token yield works, how you would be able to stake and unstake your NFT, and how to further earn and claim $XMON. Yield rates: Each Xronins collection will have a different yield rate, the rate will depend on which collection is being staked and how many of them are being staked.
GEN-0= 5 $XMON/day --- 3 Day lock up period. 10 $XMON/day --- 10 Day lock up period. 15 $XMON/day --- 21 Day lock up period. GEN-0+Gen-1= TBD GEN-0+GEN-1+GEN-2= TBD Note: These rates are subject to change in order to ensure the best outcomes for holders.
After sufficient time has passed we aim to grow the Xronins community by allowing new community members into our ecosystem by releasing a second collection "GEN-1 (Xkunoichis)" This will be another collection inspired by our Xronins and will be focused more on a more female version of our NFTs. Not only does this serve the purpose to grow our community but increasing the staking rate for the Xronins collection. See 2.8 | Stage 7 - Beyond for more details on breeding.


DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization: Researching and establishing a DAO framework where both the brand and holders would benefit from onboarding smaller projects, offering grants that will enable builders, artists, visionaries, and creators to add value to the project community in addition to the overall Solana community. In order to bring our vision of directly benefiting our holders, we will be establishing an "Xronins Dojo" which will be controlled by our established DAO. The DAO will serve the purpose of benefiting the Xronins directly by offering whitelist opportunities for other promising projects, buying into other large DAOs and placing them into our community vault, offering exclusive giveaways, onboarding new talent, and offering grants to promising upcoming projects.
Xronins is a metaverse-based community where the sole purpose of the Xronins Dojo is to unite Xronins with like-minded individuals, anime/manga fans, and NFT enthusiasts.