Project Overview

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Xronins is a project that follows the story of Ronins (masterless samurai) in the metaverse that is illustrated throughout the project in the form of an NFT initially. This will then develop into an interactive manga, an anime series and also an immersive web3 experience all while being a utility token on its own. Our holders will have the opportunity to use their 3D version of their NFT to interact, chat and exchange ideas with one another in our metaverse dojo. One of the ultimate goals of the project is to become THE decentralized streaming platform of the Solana blockchain for the NFT community. Ownership of an Xronin NFT will serve as your subscription/ticket and our utility token will be incorporated into that ecosystem.

Web3 & Defi

Web3 enables us to build a decentralized and immersive experience around the Xronins story using blockchain technology. Decentralized networks and blockchain technology allow us to safeguard the ownership of this data in the form of tokens.