2.3 | Stage 2 - Journey begins

Project funds.

On/Post-Mint date:

The Gen-0 5,555 Xronins is a collection of uniquely generated tokens built off of over 200 different layers which will become available to mint on the Solana blockchain and be traded on secondary marketplaces. Holders will now have gained their way of passage into the Xronins Dojo.

Mint Proceeds and the Secondary Royalties

Mint proceeds will be used to: -Pay the founders. -Fund the liquidity pool for the utility token. -Launch Token. -Hire additional full-time community moderators. -Hire additional artists, animators, and developers. -Develop the staking platform. -Creation of GEN-1. -Develop the breeding platform.
Secondary royalties: -50% Continue funding of the liquidity pool and fund the anime series. -50% for paying team member salaries.