2.2 | Stage 1 - Go Live

Website | Discord
During the pre-mint marketing phase the Discord, Website, and roadmap will be revealed to the NFT community to give them a general idea of the vision the team has for the project.
Discord roles to be given to holders including OG roles, Whitelisted members, and Xronins.
Community engagement through trivia nights, games, giveaways, and collaborations to ensure an active and enthusiastic community. Sneak peeks and regular character background stories in addition to AMA events through discord and Twitter spaces.
A verification bot for holders will be added in order for holders to have their own private channels to communicate and also access private channels created only for them.
Sales bot to also become available on our Discord server in order to reflect the sales made on secondary marketplaces which will help reflect the general consensus of the floor price and project value in the ecosystem.