2.8 | Stage 7 - Beyond



In order to ensure the Xronins keep growing you will need to purchase a GEN-0 and GEN-1 Xronins. This will grant access to our breeding platform which requires no effort from the holder's side but follow the detailed instructions in order for you to bring the GEN-2 Xronins (Xchibis) into the space. The GEN-2 Xchibis will be available only through the breeding mechanism or secondary sales which ensures rarity and exclusivity. $XMON will be used here to begin and power the breeding process through the purchase of a breeding tool.

Anime Series

The project currently has a partnership with a studio to start building and developing the Xronins anime series. This is a vision where holders will be able to use their NFT as a form of access to view the series. All revenue made from the establishment of such a venture will be used to compensate holders whose character(s) appears in that particular episode in $XMON. One of our long-term ultimate goals is to become the major streaming platform in the decentralized world. The project aims on onboarding some of the major pre-existing anime series and NFT-based series into our platform. Holding an Xronins token will serve as your subscription/ticket and $XMON will be used as the token to gain access to such services to those not holding an Xronins NFT. - Imagine seeing your character live, speaking, getting to know their back story, following their character development, interacting with other characters, connecting with them on a more emotional level, watching them grow and evolve and being compensated for their appearance whilst doing so. (Your NFT get's paid out like an actor) TEASER TRAILER REVEALED ON TWITTER.


Xronins is a game changer.
An exceptional brand created by the passion and love for what we do.
An impeccable collection of 5,555 unique Xronins that will grant you exclusive access to the Xronins Dojo, where together, we build a well-knit community that will rise above the world wide web and into the real world.
This will be achieved through member-exclusive merch drops, IRL events and collaborations we create a community focused international brand.
⭕ Victory Is Ahead Items will include: - Clothing. - Action Figures. - Memorabilia. - Gifts and stationary. Xronins merchandise will be available by Q4 2022.